Hinterlands #5: Singularity

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Hinterlands #5: Singularity




We chose to no longer be

hostage to the elements:

dustclouds nipping at our heels, 

broken weight on the pedal:

The hum turns to rattling, then

a sonic drillbit whirl, 'til

there's nothing left but silence


we're right on the cusp of time

itself, taken at the flood.

We're not waiting anymore

for some sign or permission

to make this quarterlife count.

We're stars and constellation

held aloft by gravity

Quintin Jose Pastrana

Quintin Jose Pastrana

Quintin Pastrana was born in Manila and is an entrepreneur focused on promoting renewable energy, literacy, and financing for start-ups and SMEs.  He graduated with degrees in Business, International Relations, and Creative Writing from the Universities of Georgetown, Cambridge, and Oxford. Quintin pursued a Lannan Poetry Fellowship in Washington, DC and his poetry has appeared in the Georgetown Literary Journal (2006-2007). He is currently completing a collection of short stories, one of which was recently published in the online magazine, The Grief Diaries (2016).  Quintin has also served as editor for the indigenous poetry collection, 'Bamboo Whispers, Poetry of the Mangyan' (2017) published by Bookmark, and a non-fiction collection 'A Year in Batanes', published by Firetree Press (2015). 

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