Peregrine Prize 2017 Shortlist

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Peregrine Prize 2017 Shortlist

Oxford Writers’ House is excited and proud to announce this years’ shortlist for the Peregrine Prize for Young Writers. The Peregrine Prize exists to give voice to young new writers from ages 8 to 18 and encourage playfulness, expression and experimentation with style.

The prize is judged by Jon Day, one of the 2016 judges for the Man Booker prize. The prize-giving event will take place on July 15th at Rhodes House from 3-5pm where certificates will be awarded to the winning writers. There are 9 winners across 3 categories, and our first place award will be considered the Oxford City Young Writer 2017-2018 and will give a reading of their story.






Beth Cole, The Princess and the Dragon 

Mukahang Limbu, Ghazal, To See 

Chris Poole, This Time Tomorrow 




Lily Chaundy, Red 

Lily Skinner, Road to Nowhere

Jaya Leahy, Native Heart 

Alex Ringer, The Dinosaur Ate My Homework! 




Pranit Narain, Fetch’d

Milo Hamilton-Raimondi, City Heat

Myron Buist, To Hell and Back

Josias Saviola Santoso, Railway Life

Jemima Hayes, The Incredible Adventures of Maddy the Second    



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