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By Suzi Attree

Oxford Writers' House Presents: Hinterlands

Oxford Writers' House wants your writing:

Hinterlands: the remote areas of a country, the area around a city, a sparsely populated area, an area beyond the visible or known, a margin between two places; an individual’s depth of knowledge.  Literally, the land behind.

We are living at a time when the hinterlands can no longer be hidden, ignored and neglected.  The hinterlands, in all their variety, are seeping into the centre.  In a time of political and social upheaval, the unspoken is finding a new voice, people are refusing to be marginalised, and alternative truths are known as the real truths.  As we decide what we want the future to look like, land takes centre stage in the battle between money and morals and the blurring of the urban and the rural. 

As our values are challenged, what it is to be human in its glory and decay is put under the microscope and dark corners are brought into light.  Borders, hinterlands and liminal ideas and spaces are finding a voice.

We’d like you to help them.  Whether the word ‘hinterlands’ means to you a physical place, a space your mind goes to, a period of time, a person or a transition between one thing and another - this autumn, the hinterland of the year, we invite you to get your walking boots on and traverse that land behind and between .

Take us with you, stowed away in your backpack.  Show us the bleak edges of mountains and moors, tell us what the falling away of the year means to you.  Or surprise us with tales of things that grow in hinterlands or on late nights with friends that wander into strange territories or find philosophy at a fried chicken shop. Send us your ideas about feeling remote, changing, travelling new literal or metaphorical ground.  Write to us of cities or deserts.  Rant to us about the hinterland of political debate or the strange depths of a politician’s hair.  Tell us if Oxford or its environs is a hinterland to you, and why.

Bring out into the daylight what we might not have seen before.  Go into the hinterlands, yours, and bring back whatever you find there that grabs you by the hand.

Surprise us, shock us, make us think.  Show us your hinterlands.

How to submit your work:

From October 16th to mid-November submissions will be open exclusively to Oxford Writers' House members. You can sign up for a free or paid account here

Please send evidence of your membership (a screen grab of your membership page or welcome email for example) and up to three poems, one piece of short fiction, personal essay, or creative non-fiction in a single word document to publication@oxfordwritershouse.com. Please keep your prose submissions around 2000 words. 

In mid-November we will be holding a workshop to help you with your Hinterland submission. If you would like your work to be considered for workshopping with a professional writer, please let us know in the body of your email. 

The final deadline for submissions will be December 31st.  If your work is chosen we will aim to let contributors know as soon as a decision is made in January.  Poems and stories remain the copyright of their author. Your submission must be previously unpublished and you will retain copyright as author. The editors’ decisions are final and no correspondence can be entered into. Please make sure your submission document has your name and email address on each page and that your pages are numbered. 


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