Heidi Parker: Crossing Borders for a Different Perspective

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Heidi Parker: Crossing Borders for a Different Perspective

© Heidi Parker Dec 2017 (If you are interested in any designs, contact heidiparker2017@outlook.com)

Inspiration can be found in unlikely, overlooked corners. Unusual results can come from crossing borders and pairing opposing entities. This image, of a neglected  tree in an ignored corner of a school playing field in Abingdon overlaps, combines and twins images of small, seemingly unimportant details of life outside the city centre.  

Heidi Parker, creator of this image, 'Through Nature's Keyhole', is an Oxfordshire artist who aims to use natural, everyday objects as viewfinders to capture a different perspective. What do we miss by not looking?  What happens when we look and look again at the small and insignificant? How do we mark the crossing of borders inside a single image, a single narrative space and why?

Twisting our viewpoint of an object creates a vertiginous kaleidoscope. Combining visual elements in an unusual way and playing with where the images meet can produce an entirely new vision. Whether we use images or words, creative play requires we look at the everyday anew, making the ordinary into unexplored territory. Our horizons are broadened, the borders to be crossed are marked. Out of this focus  come words – words inspired by images – and more images. Crossing borders = fertile ground.

Happily, Oxford Writers’ House is about crossing boundaries, overstepping borders, looking beyond the obvious – whether it’s embracing the best writing that Oxfordshire has to offer, being open to formal experimentation, or asking for your interpretations of crossing borders into the hinterlands in our writing competition. Why not start crossing borders yourself? Start playing with the world around you and submit your writing for possible publication.  And see which borders we come up against in the next instalment of this photo essay series...

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