Heidi Parker: Golden Oldies

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Heidi Parker: Golden Oldies

© Heidi Parker Dec 2017 (If you are interested in any designs, contact heidiparker2017@outlook.com)

Just in time for lights, everywhere, at Christmas, or the darkening bronze of winter's wet, fallen leaves, this week's image draws on the colours which surround the Bodleian Library and the Nuffield College. The image combines overlapping silhouettes of the Library with a tree outside Nuffield College and the college itself. To fill the spaces in between, the colour green has been added behind the laced effect.

As from today, the nights are getting shorter, the days clearer. We're looking over the edge of the new year. Through the silhouettes and the combinations of this year's days, we're getting ready for next year's events and plans. Watch this space.

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