Heidi Parker: The Fall and Rise

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Heidi Parker: The Fall and Rise

© Heidi Parker Dec 2017 (If you are interested in any designs, contact heidiparker2017@outlook.com)

The second in our photo essay on crossing borders for a different perspective is ‘The Fall and Rise’ – a warped and mirrored fusion of two photographs taken in Abingdon, of an autumnal tree and the morning sun rising behind the sailing club. It is a colourful kaleidoscope that manipulates the way we view the world around us.

With the rest of the month available to enter poems, short fiction, personal essays, or non-fiction for our Hinterlands competition, why not take a moment to observe the borders and routines around you and explore the chaos or beauty that might ensue from crossing them, crashing through them, wrapping their colours and shapes around each other...

No colour filters or adjustments were made to the original photos behind this image, proving that astute observation can produce unusual art. That’s inspiration for us all.

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