Heidi Parker: Twisted Inside and Out

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Heidi Parker: Twisted Inside and Out

© Heidi Parker Dec 2017 (If you are interested in any designs, contact heidiparker2017@outlook.com)

This image, entitled ‘Twisted Inside and Out’ is based on a tree at the Marina on the Thames at Abingdon, combined with the spiral staircase of St Mary’s Church on Oxford High Street – a manipulation by nature, and a creation by hand. Juxtaposed and twisted, flipped and mirrored, the two objects gain a talismanic look, and confront us with the contrast that is visible in all cities and their suburbs between nature and the manmade. This raises questions about how we live in Oxford, our city, and interact with the areas that surround it; what we observe, and what we let our gaze slide over and relegate to the hinterlands.

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