They worship everything and they value nothing...

Oxford Writers' HouseRe-fresh2017FebruaryThey worship everything and they value nothing...

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They worship everything and they value nothing...



cynical demigods make for the best role models


waking up to a cold pizza on the next-face pillow

is akin to a slice of heaven with a touch of ham


going nowhere so fast you get a whiplash

is now available for sixty-six-point-six each month


we loved us so much

that we turned out to be the biggest disappointment since sliced bread


we thought

no good man could run for president

and so we made sure no good men did.


Katariina Kottonen

Katariina Kottonen is an author with an MSt in Creative Writing from Oxford and an interest in everything. She is a contributor to The Oxonian Review and The Oxford Cultural Review and the founder of the Chance & Physics website




Before the game began, the servers crashed,

From trainers fled in unforeseen amounts

(Provided they'd not parted with their cash,

And not signed up for Japanese accounts).


A score of stable users, turning back

Away from bitter, unrelenting news.

With nothing left to do but wait, and track

The monsters only seen by CPUs. 


The game gives no way forward, no one route.

We trudge along on pixellated feet.

Become post-fact, post-reason, and post-truth,

We stick it to the Liberal Elite.


While businessmen in distant rooms prepare

The coming world of darkness and dismay,

Enjoy your friendships not beyond repair

And gather ye Pokémon while ye may. 


William Shaw

William Shaw is an English finalist at Corpus Christi. He has previously written for The Oxford Student, Cherwell, and Phaser Magazine, among others. You can find him online at


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